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This post is about my sister and her hubby's social responsibilities activity. When we talk about Gaza, Palestine, I think most of us know about GAZA thru our media massa. At the same time we also noticed the current issues that Palestinian facing right now. The establishment of the illegal State of Israel 0n 15 May, 1948 on Palestine soil 64 years ago has invited major catastrophe where the world has to witness the cruelty of the Zionist regime who kept on unleashing battle upon battle that resulted in the death of thousands of Palestine citizens who fell as martyrs, while making million others flee to safety as refugees only to face unemployment problems and suffer losing certain body limbs.
Children were made orphans and wives were made widows for losing fathers and husbands who fell defending their beloved homeland from violation and colonization.The on-going misery suffered by the Palestinians somehow conjured up a kind of consciousness in all Muslims around the world to offer a hand in assistance.
My sister join the Aman Palestin Delegation, as an initiative towards achieving peace in Palestine in humanitarian and welfare assistance to the Palestinian people until completion. AMAN PALESTIN began its operation in late 2004 as an initiative to help and distribute contributions while observing the welfare and human rights of the Palestinians as a whole.
In their last day of the delegation, Aman Palestin humanitarian mission ended with a meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismael Haneyah at his office in Gaza. The meeting lasted for about an hour on full advantage of the participant group to throw a few questions in connection with Gaza and Israel.
Actually, in early stage, I wasn't agree with her decision to join the delegation. I was afraid and worry so much. I only have one sister, she is the most responsible team member in our family. She has done so many things for the family. To let her go and leave the family with me, which make me thing how BIG and HUGE this kind of responsible that I shud cope with. But at the end, I noticed one thing, everything is not belong to us, its belongs to Allah. Then we just do it according to HIS order.
Alhamdullilah, she already be back yesterday. Gud Job Sis. Sorry coz hard for me to understand u. But, now I do appreciate our relationship. Love you sista.


Be a student is not as simple as people said. Classes, Books, Assignment, Quizzes and Tests is a vital list to do as a student life. This semester I just registered 5 subjects. (OMG...Can I do it?Insyallah, I hope I can). My class is every sunday. That means I have to submit all my assignment every week. And seat for quizzes every sunday :(.
Learn Mandarin is quite hard for me. I am so lucky coz I already have basic in Mandarin (During my Diploma time). At least I can calculate in Mandarin (Ha3). I must practice to write in Mandarin too (uwaaaaa). I think the reason wo de daxue / laoshi (my university/ teacher) ask the student to learn Mandarin is to increase our knowledge and understanding of new languages and cultures.
Yesterday, wo de laoshi already asked us to do a short essay and shud submit the essay by this week. I dun know wat to write in. But will try my VERY BEST to do it. During our listening test and Mandarin Quiz yesterday in class, I noticed that out of 14 students only 1 (ONE) can understand the question and the rest just wait and do nothing (ha3). Chaiyok sis!!!

I'm Back

Hi readers/bloggers & Frenz

Now I'm back. A lot of ideas but no time to share with you guys. Try to improve my blog by creating Many many many POSTs. For you guys.

Actually, I'm kind of busy with my classes, assignment, family matters, office's stuff and frenz's need. Alhamdulilah (Pray to Allah) I managed to cope with all these. So, for my entry for this hour which I hope I can update more and more later on, I would like to share about Family.

March 2012, which a month that I choose to be with my family. We spent time at Sabah, enjoy they moment and activities. Thats happened in early March. But after two weeks from our visit to Sabah, my MAK (mummy) was attacked by "Mild Stroke". Again and again, I am so scared. I lost my Abah (daddy) coz of stroke too. Eventhough, only her left side body (face, hand,leg) been attacked, But coz she is stroger than what i think she is, she managed to 50% recover in one week. Now she is staying with me together with my MAK NGAH (auntie). I have to take care of her. I love her so much.

To make sure I do the right things, I bought so many things in a way to follow the procedures and to make sure she is in a good condition.

1. I bought her Milk Powder.

2. ACCU Check Active

Will share more and more.... he3


Ramadhan is the month when Muslims fast to remember Allah (God) , to experience suffering and to learn selfcontrol. And its starts today, a time of repentance and prayer, of performing gud deeds and charity.

Early this morning as usual my alarm clock manager called me up for my Sahur. My first Sahur's meal for this ramadhan is yogurt & milk tat I bought it last Friday. Actually, very rare for me to wake up for Sahur since my young age. Not coz I'm too lazy to leave my bed and pillow, it is coz I can't eat so early in the morning then I will get a stomache in a few hours later. But I still manage preparing Sahur for others if they are around. Insyallah for this Ramadhan, I wish I can have my Sahur every morning.

Wats on newspapers during Ramadhan Season? Mostly they will promote hotel buffet for readers. They will highlights how many meals to be offered with sum value of money. But, honestly... U shud ask urself... how much u want to eat or can u finished up ur meals?

OMG.... I forget to buy dates. But I am so lucky coz our Division do some charity (he3) and sorting all dates to their staff... ALHAMDULLILAH. Eventhough not as same types of dates tat I wish to have, but still fine and ok.

To all muslim readers / bloggers, I really wish all of you may have a blessed Ramadhan for this year.